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Michael Cafarella
Michael Cafarella retired as a Detective Sergeant receiving the Medal of Honor, the highest accommodation offered by the New York City Police Department. Mr. Cafarella supervised over 300 Homicide Investigations which lead the city in homicide closures. Mr. Cafarella after retiring from New York City Police Department worked as a supervisor for a firm associated with the NY Stock Exchange where he conducted disaster control planning.

John Mihnovich Jr.
John Mihnovich, Jr. retired as a Special Assignment Lieutenant. Career highlights include being credited with leading New York City in the highest number of investigations resulting in over 800 search warrants. In addition, Mr. Mihnovich worked on a New York City Police Department/Federal task force which led to the apprehension and conviction of a Career Criminal Enterprise case. While assigned to the 77 Precinct, Mr. Mihnovich planned and organized many large scale events, i. e. West Indian Day Parade, Brooklyn Millennium Celebration, World Economic Forum and securing the area in and around Wall Street after the 9/11 Terrorist attacks.

Mr. Mihnovich & Mr. Cafarella recently managed a national security firm in New York City. There they supervised over 12,000 security guard hours. During their tenure, they worked hand in hand planning & running major events in the Jacob Javits Center. In addition they planned the security for the Bloomberg Corporation’s yearly corporate event attended by over 10,000 people.

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